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Status Update

Ok, I don’t have screenshots this time :)

I’ve removed another dependency, this time the affortunate class that was removed from my software wash fboClass. Shadower, the first incarnation (and lucky for all of us now is dead, buried, burnt and… everything) of this engine used several external classes (that is not coded by myself), including lib3ds, glm and fboClass.

fboClass is a wonderful collection of classes and utility functions just to handle FBO, and it was nice to use, but now, with that engine overhauling I thought it would be nice to have my own fbo class, and integrate it with my graphic driver architecture.

Well, one less. At the end I would like to have only SDL and Devil as dependences, well, if I add sound I suppose i will have fmod or openAL too, but that’s another issue :)

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