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Status update

Two status update on the same day? GOSH I’m crazy! The world is ending! Penitenciagite! :P

I’ve just followed shash’s advice and implemented frame interpolation. Obviously it didn’t work the first time I tried, but the second. As always I’ve recorded the progress so you can enjoy and laugh.

Implementing frame interpolation was really easy but if your interpolation value is greater than 1.0 you get things like this

[youtube iVWGw1P0YGA nolink]

Once I changed that i got a nice interpolated animation

[youtube Oj9xDFYEy9M nolink]

And now, once this is completed… it’s time for sound!

Stay tuned!!

One Comment

  1. shash says:

    Well done, following my advices is the best thing you might do in every situation.


    Seriously, it looks nice, and this work can be easily extrapolated if you support other skinning systems (also, doing the classic [0,1] interpolation is always fun to do).