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Hi, I’m Toni Ascó, the editor of this blog.

At this blog I try to write down the progress of my brand new 3D engine. I’ve been doing 3D graphics for the last 8 years so it’s what I really  know how to do. Design decisions, implementtation issues and discussing whatever drawbacks or discoveries I find on this trip, thats what I expect to have here.

3D Graphics is a very mutable field, new techniques, new methods, new algorithms, new hardware even new news appear everyday, we have several summits every year to follow, dozens of papers to read and dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs of very smart and talented people who share their findings with the community. Even when it’s tempting to become a YAGNB (Yet another graphics news blog), that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.

I firmly believe that in any process is not the goal what is important, but the path you follow to achieve it, and that’s is what I want to reflect in my writtings.

I hope you enjoy it.

About me

As I stated above, my name is Toni Ascó.

I am a fanatic of real time 3D graphics and software design, looking always for an elegant solution to any problem.

I’ve been working on a Virtual Reality company for the last 8 years, designing and implementing an excellent visualization engine, full of features, some of them weren’t never used!

For a complete CV, just drop me a line at toni[put an at here]tex2d[put a dot here]com

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