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Shadower is a project i’ve done to graduate at FIB. It’s a program that implements 5 diferent shadowing algorithms, those are

  • Shadowmapping
  • Parallel Split Shadow Maps
  • PCF5x5
  • Smoothies
  • SSAO
  • Slow Area Light

Here i will post updates and upgrades with the algorithms, soon i will upload the doc and de src. The doc is in spanish tho :)

Ok, I won’t post the shadower code, it was just to bad, no comments, bad algorithmic structure. Just a piece of crap. It’s been superseded by my new engine, that doesn’t support all those fancy shadowing algorithms, but it’s clearer, nicer, better commented and well, funnier :)

In any case, if you’re really curious of how bad a piece of code can be, drop me a line and I will send you a copy of the code, so you can laugh, cry or whatever mix of strange feelings you can get from that piece of garbage.

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