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A little advice

SDL overrides the main method, so don’t forget to include sdl.h in your entry point file. Otherwise the SDL_main funciton won’t be called and you can spend like two hours trying to figure out why the hell the system is not creating a proper context :P

The last game i’ve worked in

Last Thursday, the last game I’ve been working on was launched at te Apple App Store. Since then a lot of things have been said about that game, some good, some bad :). I’m thinking seriously to write an in-depth post-mortem of that game as i’ve been the only person involved in the development of that game since the beginning and until the day it was submitted. A lot of things have happened, some good and some others even better personally, but it hasn’t been a piece of cake. I will ask one or two people if i’m allowed to talk about XW.

I’ve been interviewed!

The folks at fasebeta interviewed me just to know my impressions about the industry, gaming and such. You can read it here (it’s in spanish only tho)

Porting to mac

I’ve started coding again, a bit, not too much :).
Currently I have the engine working on linux but as my primary computer is now a macbook pro I will port it to mac, but this time using cocoa and all that stuff, that way i’ll learn a but about it.
In fact i had it compiling on mac without problems but linking was another issue. SDL overrides de main method and seems that macos didn’t like that adn you had to do some tricks here and there to make it work. As i didn’t like that I just decided to go to a more platform dependant solution. This way I learn more and at the same time i make all my code more platform independent.

Things to do: The Master Plan

This are the things i have to do to be happy again.

Currently the engine still has a strong component system (which affects to its speed) and supports PCF and SSAO with a forward rendering. The idea here is convert it to a deferred renderer, and these are the steps

  • Logging System
  • Ogl Loader
  • Md5 loader
  • Calculate Normals, tangents and bitangents for Md5
  • Create new shaders
  • Deferred Shading
  • Jackpot!